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Personalization and Printing Services

What is personalization?

Personalization allows you to add your own text or logo to the inside of the greeting cards and stationery products that you purchase. Our typesetters will correctly position your message and imprint or hand write it onto the greeting card or stationery item.

Fixed Verse and Custom Verse?

We sell two types of greeting cards - fixed verse and custom verse. The fixed verse cards are already printed with an inside message that cannot be changed or removed.

The other type of cards allow you to choose a custom verse to be imprinted on the inside of the card. This allows you to choose a card that you like and imprint a message that fits your need. Look for the "Custom Verse" logo.

Where will the text be printed?

As you can see in the samples to the right, your personalized message will be printed on the inside of greeting cards, under the existing text. If there isn't enough room to print your message on the inside right of the greeting card it may be printed on the inside left.

For other stationery items, your personalized message will be correctly positioned by our typesetters.
Sample#1 (Centered)
Sample#2 (Aligned Left)
Sample#3 (Aligned Left)
Sample#4 (Centered)

What are your printing options?

For greeting cards, you can have your message printed with an ink printer or hand-written by one of our staff members. In addition, you can select the type style, alignment (left or centered) and ink color. Standard ink color are black, blue, red, and green. Many of the "Custom Verse" cards allow additional ink colors including Burgundy, Brown, Gold, and Silver. A few select items also offer foil finishing.

NOTE: The hand-written personalization option is not available on boxed cards and stationery items.

What are the costs?

Greeting card personalization is priced as follows:
Type of Product Ink Imprinted Hand-Written
Individual Greeting Cards (fixed verse) $1.00 per card $1.50 per card
Boxed Greeting Cards (fixed verse) $0.40 per card Not Available
Boxed Greeting Cards (custom verse) Varies by design Not Available
Invitations and Stationery personalization is priced as follows:
Type of Product Laser Printed
Invitations $0.40 per sheet
Stationery $0.40 per sheet
Please note that an additional charge may apply for lengthy messages. For specific prices please click on the personalization link for the item in question.

If you would like to add your logo to an item, there is a flat logo processing fee of $35 for the order. The logo can be emailed to customer service after the order has been placed.

Personalization qualifies for the Volume Discount and will be calculated automatically based upon the total dollar amount of your order.

What is the turn-around time on personalization?

Single personalized greeting cards can be processed in the same day that they are received. Please allow 3 business days for the completion of personalized boxed cards, invitations, or stationery items.

Imprinting Return Addresses on Envelopes

If you are ordering boxed greeting cards, you have the option of adding your return address to the envelopes. The price varies by item but is normally $0.40 per envelope. Our personalization staff will imprint your return address on the back flap of each envelope.

Please review the personalization page of the item that you are interested in purchasing for more information and the return address option.