Personalization Samples

What is personalization?

Personalization allows you to add your own text or logo to the inside of the greeting cards and stationery products that you purchase. Our typesetters will correctly position your message and imprint or hand write it onto the greeting card or stationery item.

Custom verse and fixed verse?

We sell a wide variety of greeting cards including cards with fixed verses along with many that allow the selection of an inside verse. Greeting cards with a fixed verse are pre-printed with the inside text (as shown in the samples below). We have the ability to imprint your personalized message underneath the pre-printed text, but the inside verse cannot be changed.

Cards marked with this logo can have a custom verse imprinted on the inside of the cards. We also carry a line of greeting cards and holiday cards that are blank on the inside. These designs allow you to choose a custom verse to be imprinted on the inside of the card. This will allow one customer to have "Merry Christmas" imprinted while another customer has "Happy Holidays" imprinted on the inside. These designs also allow for an additional personalized message (family or company name) to be printed under the verse. Look for the "Custom Verse" logo when you would like to choose the inside verse.

Where will the text be printed?

As you can see in the samples below, your personalized message will be printed on the inside of greeting cards, under the existing text. If there isn't enough room to print your message on the inside right of the greeting card it may be printed on the inside left.

For other stationery items, your personalized message will be correctly positioned by our typesetters.

Sample#1 (Centered)
Sample#2 (Aligned Left)
Sample#3 (Aligned Left)
Sample#4 (Centered)