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Lime Green (60 Colored Sheets) Pictura Design House Clutch Pad (Item# PI-CP014)
Lime Green (60 Colored Sheets) Pictura Design House Clutch Pad

Lime Green (60 Colored Sheets) Pictura Design House Clutch Pad
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Size: 6.25x3.5x0.5 inches
Publisher: Pictura
Features: Belt, Gold Stud, Green Jewel, Beads
Product Line: Design House

This Clutch Pad is the perfect gift for the fashionista in every gal! It has a classic pen pad with magnetic closure and it is dressed up with assorted jewels, buckles, belts and other details to make this more than just a convenient item for your is also an accessory unto itself. The best partů there is a pad, mirror & pen inside! Features 60 sheets measuring 5.5 x 2.75 inches.
Price:  $7.95
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Availability: In Stock
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Hi! I just today bought some of your Christmas cards and meant to leave you this message in the comments section when I paid for them. I just wanted to let you know I think your selection of cards is just really great! A lot of unique and unusual ones to choose from too, like the Handmade Reindeer one here I bought a box of. It seems as if it's getting harder and harder to find a selection such as yours around anywhere anymore these days! (-: That's all I wanted to say! Oh, wait.. Thanks!!!!!! (-:

Sandi R.
Rutland, Vermont