Personalization and Printing Services

Personalized greeting cards

Personalization allows you to add your own text to the inside of the greeting cards that you purchase. Since all of the greeting cards that we sell are high-quality name brand cards your custom message will be printed in addition to the existing interior verse.

Simply select the type style, ink color, size and whether you want the custom message imprinted with one of our ink printers or hand-written by one of our customer care team members.

Our online interactive designer will let you see exactly what the card will look like after your message has been added.

Custom Verse Greeting Cards

We sell two types of greeting cards - fixed verse and custom verse.

Most of the greeting cards that we sell are pre-printed by the manufacturer and the interior verse can't be changed. The exception is the line of boxed cards from Birchcraft Studios that allows you to customize the interior by choosing your own verse and adding a personal message. You even have the option of adding a logo.

Look for the 'Choose Custom Verse' button.

What are your printing options?

For greeting cards, you can have your message printed with an ink printer or hand-written by one of our customer care team members. If you're sending a single card directly to the recipient as a gift the delivery address and return address will be printed on the envelope using the same method that you select for the inside of the card, either using our ink printer or hand-written.

In addition, you can select the type style, size, alignment and ink color. Standard ink color are black, blue, red, green, orange, pink and purple. Many of the "Custom Verse" cards allow additional ink colors including Burgundy, Brown, Gold, and Silver. Some custom verse cards offer foil finishing.

NOTE: The hand-written personalization option is not available on boxed cards.

What are the imprinting fees?

Greeting card personalization is priced as follows:

Type of Product Ink Imprinted Hand-Written
Individual Greeting Cards $1.00 per card $1.00 per card
Individual Greeting Cards (10+ same card) $0.40 per card $1.00 per card
Boxed Greeting Cards (fixed verse) $0.40 per card Not Available
Boxed Greeting Cards (custom verse) Varies by design Not Available

Please note that an additional charge may apply for hand written messages that are very lengthy due to the time needed for our customer care department to hand write your message. All personalization fees can be found on a product's detailed information page.

What is the turn-around time on personalization?

Single personalized greeting cards can be processed on the same day that they are received and can be shipped on the same day if the order is received before our daily shipment cut off time of 12:00 PM EST.

Please allow up to 3 business days for the completion of personalized boxed cards, invitations, stationery items or large quantities of 10 or more individual greeting cards.

Imprinting Return Addresses on Envelopes

If you are ordering boxed greeting cards you have the option of adding your return address to the envelopes. Our personalization staff will imprint your return address on the back flap of each envelope.

For fixed verse cards the price is $0.40 per envelope. For custom verse cards the envelope imprinting price will vary by product. Please see the item's detail page for specific fees.