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Product Availability - Inventory Status

PaperCards.com has live inventory levels so you'll always know if an item is available to ship immediately. If you attempt to order more than we have available in our inventory you will be warned about a delay in the shipment of your order.

In Stock

If an item's availability shows 'In Stock' that product can ship out immediately. If you attempt to order a quantity that exceeds our current inventory levels you'll be presented with a message notifying you of that situation.


If an item's availability shows 'Backorder' that product is currently out of stock but it can still be ordered. When you add that item to your shopping cart you will be warned that there will be a slight delay in shipping your order while the item is restocked at our shipping facility.

Limited Quantity

If an item's availability shows 'Limited Quantity' that product is no longer being made and we only have what is left in our inventory. If you need a larger quantity of the item you should check the quantity box to make sure that we have enough to fit your needs.