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All I Need From Dog Funny / Humorous Birthday Card

by Portal Publications

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Made in USA. 100% Recycled. Printed with Certified Wind Power. Carbon Neutral. Elemental Chlorine Free. Printed with Soy Ink.

Front:All I Need To Know About Birthdays I learned From My Dog * You were born to be loved. * You can teach an old dog new tricks. * Chewing on your presents is the highest form on appreciation * The best way to say thank you is a big lick on the face. * If you don't get what you want, beg. * The best thing about getting old is pretending you don't hear them call. * If you don't like your presents, roll over and play dead. * Just stare at what you want until you get it. * If it smells good, eat it. * Every dog has its day - this one is yours. * Bury your favorite presents in the backyard. * Stay up late and howl at the moon. * Have someone fetch your slippers for a change. * Sniff your presents before you tear into them. * Sometimes a single year can seem like seven. * A good birthday can give you a whole new leash on life. * Paws and reflect on what life has given you.
Inside:And remember, as birthdays come and go… keep that tail waggin' and have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!
Includes:1 card / 1 white envelope
Size:4.75 x 6.65 inches
Paper Stock:Recycled Heavy Cardstock
Artist/Credits:Alan Wnuk
Features:Recycled Paper
Item #:CD10047
Availability:In Stock

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