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Festivus Oh Heck Seinfeld Funny / Humorous Holiday Card

by Nobleworks

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Front:Christmas.. hanukkah.. kwaanza.. oh heck, happy festivus
Inside:The holiday for the rest of us. While it first came to the attention of most of America by way of a television show, the celebration of a holiday called Festivus is part of human history throughout the ages, most notably in ancient Rome, nineteenth-century California, and upstate New York in the 1960s. Three basic rituals have become associated with Festivus: First, the erecting of a Festivus pole, an unadorned length of lusterless metal or something that looks like metal, which symbolizes nothing; Second, and Airing of Grievances that asks celebrants to take turns telling gathered friends, enemies, relatives, acquaintances and strangers in which way each has been a disappointment; And finally, the tension-dispelling Feats of Strength, which, 'traditionally' involve wrestling the head of the household to the floor, but has evolved to include variations such as laser-printer bench pressing, thumb-wrestling and endurance hula-hooping.
Includes:1 card / 1 red envelope
Size:4.6x6.75 inches
Paper Stock:Recycled Heavy Cardstock
Prd Line:Talk Bubbles
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